Monday, 19 May 2008

That was a rant!

Firstly I must say that Jason is being missed already and on a personal basis, and without being disrespectful to the Scottish lads, training good and heading out to a T.T. locally does not have the appeal that it did last year with a real challenge on my hands and this year I have not been motivated.
I also must say that the British Track Team are amazing and I can't wait to see what comes of the games. It's just a pity they are squeezed in regard to the number of female riders. Track racing has never had a better opertunity than this to promote itself and as far as T.V. coverage is concerned, what I saw was a totally professional production. Government needs to use this opertunity to get tracks built and kids using them.
I also have to say that my web page is a bit of a rant now that I look at it agian! I will get a new one up asap. I am also going to try and get PayPal up and running so that those of you from outwith theUK can buy stuff but in the mean time I will sell and sign and dedicate dvds of The flying Scotsman for retail of £19.95 plus £2.50p.+p. You can send cheques in the mean time and I will sell signed posters as well very shortly for very reasonable, although I genuinely do only have a limited number. Use the P.o. Box on the 'rant' web page.
I'll say more soon-very soon.
Thanks for all your kind messages and I apologise that I struggle reply to everyone. If you write to me I am more a paper kind of person than electronic. Watch this space. Graeme.

Thursday, 31 January 2008


Thanks for your kind comments.
I will be keeping a low profile. It is a terrible thing that happened to Jason and his family but I must say that I wanted to be at the service, which I was. It cast me back into the media circus, though, and I must say in order to waylay any offence to other poeple that I really will not be going anywhere that will force me to have media coverage.
I also want to thank everyone who has sent nice things. Thanks to Matt and Ace for the monkey, you left no forward address. Cool gift!
If I get on with the book writting I will post that it is available. In the mean time RIDE SAFE and have a good Spring and Summer.