Monday, 19 May 2008

That was a rant!

Firstly I must say that Jason is being missed already and on a personal basis, and without being disrespectful to the Scottish lads, training good and heading out to a T.T. locally does not have the appeal that it did last year with a real challenge on my hands and this year I have not been motivated.
I also must say that the British Track Team are amazing and I can't wait to see what comes of the games. It's just a pity they are squeezed in regard to the number of female riders. Track racing has never had a better opertunity than this to promote itself and as far as T.V. coverage is concerned, what I saw was a totally professional production. Government needs to use this opertunity to get tracks built and kids using them.
I also have to say that my web page is a bit of a rant now that I look at it agian! I will get a new one up asap. I am also going to try and get PayPal up and running so that those of you from outwith theUK can buy stuff but in the mean time I will sell and sign and dedicate dvds of The flying Scotsman for retail of £19.95 plus £2.50p.+p. You can send cheques in the mean time and I will sell signed posters as well very shortly for very reasonable, although I genuinely do only have a limited number. Use the P.o. Box on the 'rant' web page.
I'll say more soon-very soon.
Thanks for all your kind messages and I apologise that I struggle reply to everyone. If you write to me I am more a paper kind of person than electronic. Watch this space. Graeme.


Sam Wong (Singapore) said...

Hi Graeme,

You are a man of greatest, and greatness within you.

Just finished the movie, and you truely inspired manys!


Sam Wong (from Singapore)

Tom said...

Hi Graeme,

Just watched Battle of the Bikes - amazing story. Thrilling to see your ultimate success after such dedication and commitment. I have huge respect for your monumental cycling (and engineering) achievements. Looking forward to getting the book and dvd from your website when you get it setup.

Tom (Ireland).

MT said...

Saw "the Flying Scotsman" and was very moved.

TATI said...

wow graham, just saw the flying scotsman...what an incredible athlete u are!

MT said...

Now I've seen a documentary, read the 13 Aug '06 Independent article ("I was driven by fear") and the opening pages of your autobio on Amazon. I'm still moved and full of admiration. Thanks also for reminding of my own childhood tree times. I hope to read the whole book eventually.

Tpark said...

Hi Graeme,

Thanks for the inspiration, nice to know I'm not the onlt person to have an argument with a tree and a bike.

Fortunately I've become one of these Roadies and keep off the MTB tracks now. I don't get chance to get back to my tree and who needs to with inspiration like yours on tap.

Legend, and they last forever.

Hand written letter is in the post, haven't done that in years such is your inspiration!

Tejvan Pettinger said...

Good to hear from you Graeme. It sounds a good idea to get site selling your dvds and books, I think there would be great demand

Anonymous said...

Graeme, as you were the talk of the cycling shops I pedaled to in my University days across the pond in the ‘States’, I have often wondered what become of this brilliant and accomplished Scotsman...of recent, was in a discuss about your achievements with one of my old cycling mates, and today ran across a blog on the BBC WEBsite ballyhooing some Boardman achievement...not to take anything from the lad, but once put in perspective on not just your achievements, but your perseverance and ingenuity, it seemed quite daft...and more so when I read the comments below with the overwhelming majority putting your name to the top of the board and shining light to your accomplishments which have meant quite a bit to a good many...and will also say I am as well included in such a grouping, as you were such the motivating factor in quite a number of my cycling escapades...

In kind and with cap in hand, when you decide to sell signed copies of the movie and movie poster made on your rounder with cycling greatness, or for that matter, other Graeme bits of memorabilia, please ping me through my blogger account as you have quite the fan and fan base here in the ‘States’...

I do so hope that this comment finds you well... might bit of thanks for your most recent post and your continued involvement with cycling...

Jim Goodlett (US of A)

Daniel said...

Hi Graeme,
You have a lot of fans in Brazil

sean said...

Hi Graeme

I loved the film and I am really amazed by the simplicity of your training a really contrast to the interval based stuff we see now. I recently watched a couple of clips on you tube which show you training on an old rusted exercycle which looked like junk, no power metre, heart rate monitor etc all the stuff we take for granted they should have shown that in the film.The film made your gear look better than it really was!


Rafael Gomes said...


You really have a lot of fans in Brazil.


Andrew said...

Cystic Fibrosis Trust
Annual Cycle run Sat 16 May 2009

Hi Graeme
You may remember us from a few years ago when we met you in Kilmarnock with a replica MacMillan Velocipede.

We now organise a charity cycle run in Callander (just outside Stirling) each year in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, a medical research charity. We wondered if you would be able to come along to our event for a couple of hours and meet some of the participants. Your support would be an excellent way of raising the profile of the event and the work of the Trust. If there is a charge for your time and expenses etc we would be delighted to hear from you.

The cycle run follows the course of the old railway line from Callander to Strathyre and the minor road round to Balquhidder (and Rob Roy’s grave). Some very keen cyclists follow the route all the way up Glen Ogle to Killin. The shorter run is about 28 miles while the Killin run is around 50 miles. These routes make the event ideal for families and people not used to cycling as well as enthusiasts. At Strathyre the ladies of local organisations provide tea coffee, sandwiches and home baking to participants and usually some young musicians provide entertainment.

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic condition that usually causes children with the condition to die in their early teens. Thanks to the work of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in developing new treatments and care, children can now expect to live into their thirties and forties. The CF Trust is now sponsoring a lot of developments in gene therapy and there is great excitement that these advances might provide even better results. In addition there are numerous other genetic conditions which will benefit if the Trust succeeds in developing an effective method of correcting genetic faults in patients. The first gene therapy trial involving young volunteer CF Teenagers is already under way.

If you would be available we would be delighted to hear from you.

Yours sincerely

Andrew & Allison Murray

atomon said...

I know mate...I really do
God bless you!
Chris G

Norm said...

Thank you Graeme... thank you for your book. I'm a cyclist and suffer from a mental illness.
Your courage, honesty and detail in which you account your life is truly amazing.
I wish you all the best in whatever you do, even if that is just be.
Thanks again, and if you are ever in Southern Australia and want to do some MTB riding for old time sake, then look me up.
cheers mate

Raghu said...

Hero indeed!

You are truly inspiring. Wish you all the best and all the happiness.

tosh said...

Any plans on making a limited run of your hour bike? Beautiful!

Sav said...

Hi Graeme,

I have sent you a hand written note but thought I would take this opportunity to say hello and thank you for the unwitting help you have given me over the years.

I am a cyclist and Bipolar sufferer and your courage and talent have shown me during black times that all is not lost and that I too have gifts that I can share with the world.

I will be spending some time in Ayrshire this August.Would it be extremely cheeky of me to ask if would like some company on one of your rides?

In the meantime, I wish you happiness and health.

Forza Graeme!

Tim Saville (33)

André Alonso said...


As an engineer and a triathlete, I must say that your life’s story really impressed me. Not only a great athlete and engineer (you’ve done what many people with an engineer degree won’t do in a life time) your will is amazing! Whenever I watch your movie I get inspired.

You got a world record, and then you got it again. You were world champion, and then again you were world champion. By itself it would be great, but what amaze me were the adversities that you faced in the process, your creativity and will to overcome it.

You deserve the best.


Andre Alonso (Brazil)

Eloir said...


Can you send me an e mail where contac with you for interview

the one & only red desert lizard.... said...

hello graeme, i just watched the movie for the first time and i am inspired. my name is kevin and i an an amature racer who also suffers from depression, some times i just dont think that i can go on, the darkness overcomes me and the worthlessness envelpopes me. is there any way that we could talk ? kevin talbot (from utah,usa)

M Bishop said...

Hi Graeme, just finished watching the flying scotsman, thought it was a great movie. Shed light on Depression, bulling and an athelte desire to be the very best. Your deserveing of the best life has to offer. I wish you and your family the best. from my family the Bishops of The United States. Again God Bless you and your family.

mobihawk said...

Hello Graeme,

We will be discussing your bid for the hour record on our bike radio show tomorrow, Saturday 5/30 between 6 PM and 8 PM London time. We record the show in Los Angeles and broadcast to the world via the internet and a downloadable podcast. Would you be available for an interview by phone on short notice? If so, we would be honored to have you on our show.

Info about our show and past recording can be found at

Please contact me at: if you are available. If this message doesn't reach you in time we would happily arrange an interview next Saturday 6/6 at the same time.

Best regards,
Brad Gavigan
Bike Talk Radio - Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

Hi G.O, You inspired me to cut my bicycle to pieces and explore the limit of all the rules. I believe I have found two areas of improvement, you may not have explored. I am happy to share all.
robert zander

pauln99 said...


Just read the Cycling Plus article. You're totally awesome!

It's not for many that the word 'legend' is automatically associated with their name and actions.

Have you thought of doing a Paypal 'donate now' button on your site to help support you financially for your hour record, etc?

And blog more! People want to hear what you're up to. And start twittering for that matter too.

Enough bossing you around. Take care and bon chance.


King Quon Johnson said...

Great to hear from you Graeme.
I was racing in Switzerland when you took the record in 1994.I was blown away by your performance that day.Still have a tape of your ride from Europsport.My mates think your a legend!

Have you thought about ever coming out to Australia to do some racing before?October is going to be a huge month in 2009. We have the Australian Masters Road Championships in Canberra, followed by the World masters Games in Sydney (road and track) then 2 days later we have the UCI world masters Track championships for 1 week.

I heard Kenny Williams will be coming from the USA to try and break the Masters world pursuit record at the Masters World champs.

Jayson Austin(Australian) recently broke the Masters 2 world hour record at the Sydney Olympic velodrome.It would be great to have you come out and have a crack in 2009. Heaps of racing and the sort of events that are right up your alley!

Daniel, NSW Australia

Clint said...

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story.I am a 36 year old cyclist and I have battled bi-polar disorder my whole life.You are an inspiration in many ways to me.

Le cinq blog said...

Heya Graeme,
I watched the Flying scotsman and could relate to you in more ways than one.I am a physician by profession but I love designing and kinda suffer from down times during which time I try to stay alone and work it out..The line in the movie where you tell your wife that you will work it out in your own time was what struck a chord with me.

After watching the movie, i then went and looked you up on Wikipedia. First off, My hugs to you.I hear that the movie makers don't pay any royalty to you at all.I guess you must write to them asking for Royalty. I know it is overwhelming to write mail asking for royalty but just do it already.They need to pay you for the movie they made based on you.
I also notice that your last blog entry was in may2008, a good year ago..Time to update with a new blog entry , perhaps?
I did make a note of your P.O.Box address.. If I can get over my procrastination, I surely might send you a letter or a tiny gift.
Regards to your wife and other members of your family and friends too.
Many hugs , cheers and best wishes.You can always click on my ID and reach my profile and blog..and read it ..We have much in common in terms of our temperaments.
Buh bye and take care now..your contributions to this world are immense. remember that.Also. please do have an Email address prominently posted on your webpage, that way, all of us can write to you with ease.
Much love from me to you.

Aidan said...

Hi Graeme,
I'm cycling around the world at the moment ( and I have a DVD of The Flying Scotsman with me.

The first time I watched it on my laptop I was inspired and rode 160kms (100 miles) the next day.

I've shown the DVD to many people I've met on my journey and they are all amazed at your achievements (as am I).

Best of luck and I look forward to viewing the new site when it's up and running.


Troy said...

Howdy Graeme, I heard you rode with Armstrong today in Paisley. Hope it was fun. I too am a cyclist who suffers from depression and am inspired by your story. Thank you for staying around. Don't let depression win! You're better than that!

Troy W.
Dallas, TX

Marcin said...

Just watched the movie. You're The Man, man ;)

Marcin (Poland)

Davie said...

Hey Graeme,

I've already got a personally signed copy of your book. I'd love it if you could sign it again when you go for the new record!

When will we know when you'll be going for it? Will it be posted here, do I have to sign up somewhere else, does anyone know already?

All the very best - get stuck in and GO FOR IT!!

PS - your clock's wrong, it's 21.50!

Lactose said...

Dear Graham,

i hope you will notice this comment!

Unfortunately i cannot find your contact/email address, so i must contact you this way.

Please contact me:


I am Spaniard and was for a decade semi-professional cyclist myself.

I do very much understand the suffering and the fight you experienced. Only cyclists know what this means.

You are the personified cycling spirit: Will and determination. I know this, because i was a cyclist myself.

I am running a digital magazine in Xian/China for expats and locals and i would love to email-interview you and feature you on our e-mag:

Please contact me!!!

Thank you and best wishes and the most best regards from a spanish ex-cyclist mate and big Scotland fan to you and your family!


P.S.: iam looking forward to your announced WR at the end of 2009!